5 Ways You Can Have Access to Affordable Dentistry without Dental Insurance

No dental insurance? 5 ways you can get access to affordable dentistry

Are you one of the 40% of Americans who don’t have dental insurance? Are you avoiding visiting the dentist’s office because you don’t have dental insurance?

The consequences of not visiting a dental office could have detrimental effects not only on your oral health but your overall health as well.

According to the AARP, poor oral health for anyone 65 and older can increase their risk of:

  • Heart disease by 180%
  • Stroke by 300%
  • Respiratory infection by 500%

graphic showing how many americans don't have dental insurance

That’s crazy!

On top of that, if you don’t visit the dentist, it will only cost you more in the long run.


Your dental health will progressively get worse, resulting in more complex and expensive procedures.

It’s safe to say getting dental care is important. However, it’s equally as important to find a dentist who offers high-quality care. If you shop around for a “cheap dentist”, it could be putting your smile at risk in terms of health and beauty.

“If I have no insurance and need a dentist near me, what can I do?”

In this blog, we’re going to give you a breakdown of dental costs and 5 ways you can gain access to high-quality dentistry – without breaking the bank.

What kind of dental costs are you looking at without insurance?

Cost of dental treatments without insurance

Every patient is different, so the costs for various procedures differ from one person to the other. However, it’s helpful to get an idea of a national average of costs for your benefit.

Please note: These costs represent the average costs for dental care nationwide. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the dental costs at Harmony Dental.

The cost of a regular dental visit without insurance.

A regular dental visit normally consists of a professional cleaning, a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and oral cancer screenings. Normally, a complete dental cleaning and exam can average around $150-$350. For a single professional cleaning, the average cost is $70-$200.

The cost of a root canal without insurance.

The cost of a root canal varies depending on the severity of a tooth’s health. A root canal involves saving a tooth from being extracted, involving extensive work. A root canal can average between $300-$2,000.

The cost of a tooth extraction without insurance.

A tooth extraction’s price all depends on the severity and complication of where the tooth is being pulled. A simple extraction averages $75-$450 while a surgical extraction averages between $150-$650.

The cost of a dental crown without insurance.

A dental crown is a critical part of dentistry to restore a tooth’s function and beauty. The average cost of a crown depends on the materials used. The most popular option among patients is all-porcelain crowns, which could cost between $800-$3000.

So, you might be wondering…

How can you pay for dental work with no money or dental insurance?

Never fear! There are 5 ways to gain high-quality dentistry at an affordable price.

1) Sign up for the Oregon Health Plan

The Oregon Health Plan is offered through the state of Oregon that offers free health coverage for people who meet their income requirements. If you meet the low-income requirements, you can receive free dental care near you. Under the OHP, you would have access to medical care, dental care, mental health care, and addiction treatment.

Do you qualify?

You can find out by visiting the state of Oregon’s website. Find out HERE.

But wait – there’s more!

The Oregon Dental Association offers many options, resources, and plans to help you find low-cost dental care.

2) Find local dental schools for an affordable cost

Local dental schools are an excellent source of high-quality dental services at a reduced cost than at a traditional dentist’s office. Aspiring dental students can gain experience over the supervision of experienced, licensed dentists while you can get your dental needs taken care of at an affordable cost.

Is there a catch?

For those with extensive dental issues, be prepared to spend a longer amount of time because the licensed dentist will need to advise and work with the dental student as he or she helps your smile.

Too good to be true?

We’re not joking! You can check out Free Dental Care’s website and find free or low-cost dental clinics near you. Since we’re located in Beaverton, OR, here are some local free dental clinics for adults.


3) Be on the lookout for charity events

There are many dental charities nationwide who provide free dental care to those in need. Some well-known charities and resources include:

  • Mission of Mercy: This nonprofit sets up portable dental stations in public areas to provide dental screenings and services – at no charge to those who attend.
  • Dentistry From the Heart: This organization involves dentists volunteering their time to provide free dental services for adults and children for an entire day.

4) Try out an in-house insurance program

In-house dental insurance programs are an excellent option if you don’t have dental insurance. It’s an awesome way to maximize on the dentistry you need at a modest price.

Typically, a dentist’s dental savings programs offer:

  • Coverage for your preventive care needs (like cleanings, exams, and x-rays)
  • A discount on other services
  • Benefits that start immediately
  • No deductibles, copays, pre-approvals, or annual maximums

They are usually simple, comprehensive, and affordable.

5) Ask your dentist for an in-house payment plan

It can seem overwhelming to pay a bill all at once. That’s completely understandable.

So you may ask yourself, “Will a dentist take payment plans?”

The answer is “Yes!” Ask us about an in-house payment plan. We’re all about adapting to your needs because every financial situation is unique.

We even accept CareCredit, which is your own medical credit card that makes your care even more affordable.

Need to find an affordable dentist in Beaverton, OR?

Dr. Bruno da Costa is a Beaverton dentist who believes in the mantra:

Family. Integrity. Health.

This means he serves you with high-quality dental care with an experienced, friendly dental team. Get to know us better by exploring our website or scheduling a complimentary consultation today.

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