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Am I Too Old For a Dental Implant?

We are living longer. Dental implants by our Beaverton dentist can be the answer for missing teeth.

The good news is we are all living longer! Life expectancy in the USA rose to 78.8 years – a record high. And, we are staying active and healthy longer. Seventy is the new fifty, right? But there are some challenges of longevity when it comes to our teeth.

As individuals reach their 60’s, 70’s, and beyond, we may start to face new challenges in maintaining a healthy smile. Periodontal disease, along with wear and tear on teeth can begin to take their toll on the smile. Furthermore, dental work performed in years past may once again require further attention.

Seniors and Missing Teeth

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reveals that tooth loss is a common challenge that is faced by those of us 65 or older. In fact, it highlights that

  • Seniors 65+ years of age have an average of 18 teeth.
  • 27 percent of this same age group have no remaining teeth.
  • Seniors who currently smoke or smoked in the past, experience a higher incidence rate of tooth loss than non-smokers.

Dental Implants for our Beaverton Seniors

It’s apparent from the above report that losing one or more teeth is a fact of life for the majority of us, but this doesn’t have to hamper your oral health or smile-ability on a permanent basis. Why do we say that dental implants are the best solution for addressing tooth loss?

What are the benefits of dental implants by our Beaverton dentist.


The best news is that you are never too old to get a dental implant.


Age Will Not Stop You

Rather than age, the primary factor in deciding whether you can have a dental implant is your overall health. The ideal candidate for a dental implant needs three things:

  1. Good general health.
  2. Adequate healthy bone in the jaw.
  3. Healthy gums, free of periodontal disease.
Age is not the determining factor in dental implants placement.
If you are healthy, you are a good candidate for dental implants, no matter what your age!

As a senior, it is possible to experience the success rates and benefits that our younger patients have with dental implants.

Call our office today at (503) 639-6900 or contact us online to discuss the possibility of dental implants for your missing teeth. We would love to discuss what advanced options like dental implants can do for your grin and quality of life regardless of your age.

There are a lot of benefits to being a senior today, which do you enjoy the most?

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