Pack for Your Smile – Easy Oral Care Tips for Summer Vacation

Summer is here which means school is out and summer vacation is in full swing. We have patients come in and ask us about upcoming trips and specific ways to care for their teeth while on vacation. We thought we would share our suggestions in a blog. Here are easy ways to care for your teeth while on the go.

Pack Light
When packaging for a trip always remember less is more. This includes toiletries. Make sure you don’t go overboard and pack too much. Sometimes it is easier to buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste when you arrive at your destination. If you are traveling with the family make sure you include a mini travel kit for each member. Have mints, gum and bottled water added into your travel bag. This will help the airplane or car ride go smoother.

Bring Floss Picks
Floss picks are an excellent way to maintain good oral hygiene while on the go. If you are busy trying to catch a flight or maintain peace in the crowded car during the road trip, pop out the floss picks and floss away. Floss picks are easy to use and perfect to use after a meal or snack. You can use them on the airplane, in the care, walking around or just sitting in the hotel room.

Take Travel Size Toothpaste
If you are going to the airport and have to travel to your vacation destination by airplane then you probably know that liquids need to be in a small container less then 3 oz. We like to tell patients to travel light and use this common rule no matter where and how far their destination is. If you are traveling by car, then you may want to pack a small travel size toothbrush and toothpaste. The mini-sized mouthwash bottles are perfect for layovers and long car rides too.

Bring Water
When we travel we often forget to drink water, which can cause dehydration. Many people get headaches when they travel and this is a result of low energy, jet lag and dehydration. To prevent feeling down, drink water while you are on the go. Pack a water bottle and keep it full of water. You can fill it up at rest stops or airport drinking fountains. Drinking water is great for our oral health because it helps wash food particles away. It can help produce salvia flow, which is good for reducing plaque build up.

For more information and to prepare your teeth for your next vacation call Doctor da Costa and make a dentist appointment.

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