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Protect Your Smile This St. Patrick’s Day

st-patty'sIrish or not, most Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in some form this weekend and on Monday, March 17th. Beaverton cosmetic dentist Dr. Bruno da Costa and his team at Harmony Dental encourage patients of all ages to protect their smiles this St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some simple tips to help!

Avoid Green Food Coloring

St. Patrick’s Day is marked by a bright, Kelly green color that appears on clothing, in food and in drinks. This tradition derives from the ministry of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to followers. March 17th is recognized as the day of St. Patrick’s death and is consequently the day that he is celebrated all over the world.

A sea of green will greet people of all ages this weekend and on March 17th as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The tradition of wearing green shamrocks and ribbons is known as the “wearing of the green,” and has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Now we tend to wear more green products than just shamrocks and ribbons, including necklaces, hats, socks and more. Our food and drinks on St. Patty’s Day will also be sporting a bright green color due to generous amounts of green food coloring. While fun and festive, the food coloring can quickly dull our smiles. If possible, avoid drinks and food that are absent of the festive green in order to protect your smile.

Whiten Your Teeth on March 18th

If you find your teeth have a tinge of green – or if your smile is not as bright as you would like – head into Harmony Dental, our neighborhood dental office in Beaverton. Dr. da Costa and his team offer convenient and inexpensive teeth whitening services right in the office. We use the Boost system by Ultradent, a professional teeth whitening system in which a powerful gel and bleaching light are used to whiten teeth in about an hour’s time.

Not only can teeth be whitened during an appointment at Harmony Dental, we also provide customized trays and bleaching gel to use at home. Once your smile is as bright as you desire, only occasional treatments are needed to keep it white and bright!

Don’t Forget Daily Dental Care

Nothing can replace good daily dental habits when it comes to a bright smile. It’s essential to brush teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Use a specialized toothpaste to help lighten your teeth as you brush. Don’t forget to floss before bedtime, since it removes up to 50% of the plaque not removed by brushing alone.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited us, come in for an appointment with Dr. da Costa and his team at Harmony Dental! Call (503) 639-6900 to schedule your appointment.

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