Meet Dr. Bruno da Costa

Your kind and caring Beaverton dentist.

Beaverton dentist, Dr. Bruno da Costa with his son
Beaverton dentist, Dr. Bruno da Costa with his son
Beaverton dentist, Dr. Bruno da Costa with his son

‘‘Dentistry is my calling. I absolutely love helping people, and I want to know everything about my patients to get them through whatever they need."

Dr. Bruno da Costa strongly believes Harmony Dental reflects the philosophy of the Beaverton community: Being committed to giving the best guidance and care to people. Our motto is to treat and care for all of our patients like our family. We take that motto very seriously every day.

Why did Dr. da Costa choose to become a dentist in Beaverton?

“Ever since I can remember, I always loved working with my hands, but I also love to help people. So, I figured out pretty quickly that dentistry would be the perfect fit for me, and I was right! I love interacting with my patients every day and helping them achieve oral and overall wellness. I’m quite a talker and patients would probably tell you I talk too much 😉. But all my patients know I truly care about them, and will always treat them like I would my own family.”

What dental services do you provide? 

“I consider myself a Beaverton cosmetic and family dentist. What this means is my team and I can take care of a majority of your dental needs in the same building. We provide cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and restorative dentistry. I invite you to join me for a complimentary consultation to talk about your dental needs and see if I’m the best dentist in Beaverton for you.”

Dr. da Costa's Education and Background

Born and raised in Brazil, Dr. da Costa started his dental career by attending dental school at Universidade Paulista. Then, he moved to the United States, completing dental school again at the University of Nebraska.

He loved learning so much, he continued his education by completing his residency and getting his Masters at the University of Iowa.

Now, Dr. da Costa has been a dentist in Beaverton, OR since 2001. He’s a member of multiple dental organizations, including:

Harmony Dental Exams
Harmony Dental Exams
Harmony Dental Exams

Have Dental Questions for Dr. Bruno da Costa?

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Dentist By Day. Proud Father By Night.

Get the latest scoop of Dr. da Costa outside the dental office.
What do you do outside the dental office?

“I like to fix cars and spend time with my 8-year-old boy.”

Who is your hero and tell us why?

“My dad. He was an incredible man, dedicated to his profession and his family. I try to follow his example every day.”

What's the best day of your life?

“When my son was born! He’s my best buddy and enjoy every moment with him.”

We Hope to See You Soon!

Dr. da Costa and our Beaverton dental team look forward to serving your dental needs.