Nightguards in Beaverton, OR

Enjoy pain relief from teeth grinding at night.

An Easy Fix for Better Sleep

A nightguard may be the solution you need for restful nights.

Woman touching her cheek due to a toothache

Are you experiencing interrupted sleep due to oral or facial pain?

You may be grinding your teeth at night without even knowing. Signs include:

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Chipped teeth

  • Worn-down teeth

  • Tight or sore jaw muscles

  • Headaches

A dental nightguard provides a layer of cushioning between your top and bottom teeth to prevent clenching or grinding during sleep.

Dr. Bruno da Costa will work with you to recommend a custom appliance that best fits your needs.

How Nightguards Bring You the Relief You Deserve

Reduces Jaw Pain

Customized nightguards protect teeth from wear and tear that happens with grinding, preventing costly future dental fixes.

Reduces Jaw Pain

Enjoy sleep minus the jaw pain. Nightguards eliminate problems teeth grinding causes, including jaw stiffness and aches.

Oral Health Benefits

Improve the durability of your teeth with protective night equipment.

Save Money

Nightguards are affordable and prevent costly dental procedures.

Personalized Treatments = High-Quality Results

Dr da Costa talking with a patient

With his expertise and knowledge, rest assured you’re in good hands with Dr. Bruno da Costa.

He’ll prioritize your needs first and address any questions or concerns you may have about your dental needs.

In addition, our office offers comforting amenities to make your visit as stress-free as possible, including:

  • Headphones for music

  • Relaxing aromatherapy

  • Cozy blankets and pillows

  • Your favorite tv shows

Relieve night pain with your trusted Beaverton dentist.

‘‘Every staff member I interacted with was very friendly and helpful, and the office was clean and comfortable. At no point did I feel rushed or brushed over. I felt listened to and cared for on every level. I was given helpful home care tips. Everything was explained and discussed to the point that I feel confident about integrating the feedback into my daily care routine consistently. Even the little details like my post-visit “goodie bag” customized to my preferences were given consideration and added that extra something to my visit. I highly recommend them!’’

- Enli B., 5-Star Google Review

FAQs About Nightguards

  • How much does a nightguard cost?

    The cost of a nightguard varies based on your unique needs. To find out your exact cost, schedule a consultation with us.

  • How often do nightguards need to be replaced?

    Nightguards should be replaced every three to five years to ensure its effectiveness at protecting your teeth.

    Factors that indicate a replacement is needed include:

    • Discoloration
    • Signs of wear and tear
    • Cracking or chipping
  • Who can get nightguards?

    If you find yourself struggling with grinding or clenching your teeth at night, a nightguard may help.

    However, many factors contribute to the continuation of teeth grinding, including:

    • Stress and anxiety
    • Alcohol or cigarette use
    • Caffeine
    • Sleep apnea

    To find out if you’re a candidate, we recommend coming in for a consultation to determine the best treatment plan for your dental needs.

    We also offer a variety of other general and restorative dental services to keep your teeth healthy.

  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Yes, we’re always welcoming new patients!

    We proudly serve communities throughout Oregon, including:

    • Beaverton
    • Aloha
    • Cedar Hills
    • Raleigh Hills
    • Garden Home-Whitford
    • West Slope
    • Tigard
    • Portland
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