Root Canals in Beaverton, OR

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What Is a Root Canal?

The best way to save your tooth from pain-causing infections.

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that removes an infection from the inside of your tooth.

When your tooth’s damage, decay, or infection progresses below the surface of the enamel, it infects the pulp, the soft tissue inside your tooth’s roots. This can often cause you pain, inflammation, and sensitivity.

Dr. da Costa provides root canals in Beaverton, OR as a safe and effective treatment to not only remove the pain-causing infection and prevent reinfection but also save your natural, healthy tooth.

During a root canal procedure, our Beaverton dentist will remove the infected pulp, clean the inside of your tooth, then fill and seal it for strength and protection.

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The Benefits of a Root Canal

And why you don't want to delay this treatment!
Save Money

Root canals cost less than the alternative option of getting your tooth extracted and replacing it with a denture, bridge, or dental implant. Plus, most dental insurances cover root canals – saving you out-of-pocket costs.

Virtually Painless

With modern technology and anesthetic, root canal treatment is a virtually painless procedure. It also removes the pain-causing infection, relieving you of that discomfort. Fun fact: The Open new tab to official websiteAmerican Association of Endodontics claims patients who experience root canals are six times more likely to describe it as painless compared to those who have a tooth extraction.

Beautiful Result

Dr. da Costa will complete your root canal treatment with a tooth-colored filling or custom crown. This step will ensure your tooth is fully functional and, most importantly, blends in with your surrounding teeth.

‘‘Truly a great dentist. I had a root canal and other dental work done in the past couple of months, and they have been kind, courteous, and very gentle.’’

Kakeb C., Google Review

‘‘Great service and professional standards. Even unpleasant procedures such as root canals are handled with a minimum of discomfort. Highly recommend.’’

Tanya B., Facebook Review

‘‘Wonderful staff and as pain-free as an experience a dentist can provide. I appreciate the reminder texts too.’’

Susan P., Google Review

Why Choose Us for Your Root Canal?

Our dentist in Beaverton is specially trained in root canal therapy.

Dr. da Costa takes great pride in being able to treat a majority of your family’s dental needs under one roof. That way, you can receive treatment from our caring dental team in a familiar office with comfort amenities like warm blankets and aromatherapy.

To expand his services and offer root canals in Beaverton, OR, Dr. da Costa takes continuing education courses in root canal therapy. This ensures you are always receiving the best dental care possible.

Learn more about our Beaverton dentist and why patients trust him with their smiles:

Dr. Bruno da Costa who offers root canals in Beaverton, OR
Dr. Bruno da Costa who offers root canals in Beaverton, OR
Dr. Bruno da Costa who offers root canals in Beaverton, OR

Questions About Root Canals in Beaverton, OR

Dr. da Costa answers your questions about root canals.

  • Is getting a root canal painful?

    If you associate pain with root canals, you’re not alone – it’s a common assumption. However:

    Root canals are typically a pain-free procedure, thanks to modern technology and anesthetic.

    Our dentist in Beaverton will ensure you are completely numb and comfortable before starting the procedure. We also offer amenities (warm blankets, pillows, music headphones, and aromatherapy) to make your visit more enjoyable.

    If you experience discomfort after treatment, it can usually be easily managed with over-the-counter medication.

    A root canal procedure should help get you out of pain – not cause more.

  • How do you know if you need a root canal?

    Here are five common signs you may need a root canal:

    • Severe tooth pain while chewing or biting
    • Darkening or discoloration of your teeth
    • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
    • Inflammed gums
    • Persistent gum dimples

    Are you showing any of these signs? If so, contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • What happens if you don't get a root canal?

    If you do not get a root canal, the infected pulp will remain until it is removed (via a root canal or tooth extraction).

    The infection may spread to your surrounding teeth and put your overall health at risk for diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

    Read our blog on emergency root canals to learn more.

  • Should I get a root canal or extraction?

    When your tooth’s pulp is infected, you generally have two choices depending on the severity: root canal or tooth extraction. So, which is better?

    Because we treat our patients like family and want only the best for them, we typically recommend a root canal. Why?

    A root canal saves your natural tooth, restores your tooth’s health, and preserves the beauty and function of your smile.

    If you choose to extract your tooth, the hole left behind can cause your surrounding teeth to shift, make it difficult to chew or speak, and start bone loss, which supports your face and make you look older.

    The other option is to replace your extracted tooth with a dental implant. However, this option will cost you more time and money than a root canal.

Have more questions about root canals? Read our blog!

Do You Need a Root Canal?

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