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About Restorative Dentistry

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At Harmony Dental, we believe in “whole-picture” dentistry. Good oral health is vital to overall good body health. When it comes to your smile, we want to make sure you are out of pain and enjoy healthy, functional teeth.

Restorative dentistry is about diagnosing existing or potential problems, then effectively treating them or preventing them when possible. When teeth have become worn, cracked, decayed, or completely missing, Dr. da Costa and his team use the latest in dental technology and advanced treatments to provide dental solutions that are the most effective.

Here are some of our restorative dentistry solutions:

Our Restorative Dentistry Services

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation

    The point of full mouth rehabilitation is to optimize the health of the entire mouth. Sometimes it takes a combination of different restorative treatments to repair a patient’s teeth. They may have decay, missing teeth, and even jaw joint issues that are affecting their ability to chew and speak comfortably. After a thorough examination, Dr. da Costa will offer a comprehensive treatment plan, which can include treatments such as crowns, metal-free fillings, dental implants, root canal, and TMJ treatment to restore your teeth and jaw to their optimal function.

  • Sedation Dentistry

    This is a great solution for patients who may need extensive dental work done during a visit, or who experience dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry uses safe and effective drug therapy to ensure a calm and relaxing dental visit. Sedation lasts only during the duration of the visit and patients typically remember very little about their procedure. Our patients really love this option since it lets them get the treatment they need in the most comfortable way possible.

  • Metal-Free Fillings

    Tooth-colored fillings look beautiful, are extremely durable, and won’t cause allergic reactions or fluctuate with temperature changes like metal fillings can.

    Nothing looks as much like your natural teeth as these custom-crafted, fabulous restorations.


  • Bridges
    A dental bridge can be an effective, non-invasive, and cost-effective way to fill a gap left by a missing tooth or multiple teeth. A bridge uses support from surrounding teeth to hold a custom-designed replacement tooth in place. Once in place, a bridge allows you to enjoy the function and confidence that comes from having a full smile. There are a variety of types of bridges available, and Dr. da Costa will talk with you about what options would be best for your individual case.
  • Dentures
    When teeth have gone beyond the ability of dentistry to repair because of decay, gum disease, or injury, it may become necessary to remove them completely. Dentures are a cost-effective way to replace those missing teeth. Today’s dentures have advanced in the way they look, feel, and act. Using the latest in composite materials, it is possible to custom match the color of partial dentures to your natural teeth. Digital imaging allows for very detailed impressions that ensure an accurate and comfortable fit. Talk with us about the options available to help you eat, talk, and smile with confidence again!


  • Extractions

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tooth because of injury or disease. When this is the only available option, we will make sure the procedure is both comfortable and pain-free. Here are a few things you can do to promote healing after you’ve had a tooth removed:

    • Don’t smoke or rinse your mouth vigorously for a few days after your procedure.
    • Avoid drinking through a straw and blowing your nose.
    • Gently swish a salt-water solution to clean your mouth and lessen any swelling.
  • Inlays & Onlays

    When you have tooth decay, removing it is vital since this breach in your tooth’s enamel makes it vulnerable to bacteria. Porcelain inlays and onlays are a great way to restore the appearance of the tooth and completely protect it once again.

    Inlays and onlays are made of durable porcelain and are precisely fitted to fill in the space left after removing the decay. They are color matched to your natural tooth color and bonded into place, blending in beautifully with your tooth and restoring it to full strength again.

  • TMJ Treatment

    Many people suffer from the effects of TMJ disorder without being aware of it. This misalignment of the jaw can create uncomfortable symptoms, including:

    • Chronic or migraine headaches
    • Sore jaws or facial muscles
    • Clicking sounds in the jaw when you open your mouth
    • Jaws locking into place
    • Uneven wear on your teeth

    If you suspect that you may be suffering from TMJ disorder, please talk with Dr. da Costa about it. There are practical solutions to relieve the pain and correct the misalignment, allowing your teeth and jaws to function correctly and comfortably again.

  • Dental Implants
    It’s important to replace missing teeth for both your dental health and the appearance of your smile. A dental implant is a permanent solution that looks and works great.

    There is no other solution for replacing missing teeth that will look, feel, and act more like your natural teeth. An implant involves placing a new, artificial tooth root into the jaw and then covering it with a natural-looking, custom-created dental crown.

    Nothing is more durable, long-lasting, or successful in restoring the full function of your teeth. Have questions about dental implants? Please ask any of our team members; we would love to answer your questions for you!

‘‘My experience was wonderful. Doctor Bruno is gentle, efficient and the doctor's assistants are gentle. I recommend Harmony Dental!’’

- Gisele N., Actual Patient

‘‘Very friendly staff. I am 7 months pregnant and they knew exactly what to do. They gave really good advice on how to continue caring for my teeth during the pregnancy. I loved how they explained step by step what they were going to do before they did it. Excellent office!’’

- Julie, C., Actual Patient

Questions About Restorative Dentistry in Beaverton, OR?

Get the answers below.
  • Do dentures need to be removed at night?
    You can sleep in your dentures, but it is healthier for your gums and jawbone to remove them each night. Taking your dentures out at night gives your denture-bearing tissues a chance to rest and to be exposed to the natural bacteria-fighting agents present in saliva. To keep your dentures moist, place them in water or a gentle denture-soaking solution overnight.
  • Can I brush my teeth after my tooth extraction?
    Immediately after your extraction, we recommend just gently swishing warm water in your mouth. At bedtime, you can brush your teeth, but be gentle (use a manual not an electric toothbrush for a few days after your procedure) and be very careful to avoid the extraction site.
  • How long will a dental bridge last?
    Typically, a dental bridge can last up to 10 years. But, with careful use and diligent care, some of our patients have extended the life of their bridge for decades!

    Longevity often depends on the materials used to create the bridge and where the bridge is located in your mouth.

  • What can cause TMJ disorder?
    TMJ disorder is caused by malocclusion or misalignment of the jaw joints. Many things can cause a bad bite including:

    • Bruxism (grinding teeth)
    • Chewing usually on only one side of the mouth because of missing teeth on the other side
    • Trauma from an injury
    • Underdeveloped teeth and jaw
    • Stress along with teeth clenching
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