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Enter our Summer Fitness Contest –Get in Shape and Win Prizes!

Summer’s here!  Sunshine, long days, fresh strawberries and juicy watermelon.  It’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the things that summer has to offer and get on track with a healthier lifestyle. With the kids out of school, family vacations and visiting family members dropping in, taking care of ourselves is not usually at the top of our priority list.

Beaverton Dentist Summer Fitness Contest

But, according to the latest information* about the prevalence of obesity related diseases, it should be!  More than one-third, or 34.9% of all Americans are over-weight. Many obesity-related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type2 diabetes and certain types of cancer are among the leading causes of preventable deaths.

Any sustained movement exercise like walking, bicycling, swimming and running, even in very moderate amounts, significantly reduces the risk of developing any of the conditions mentioned. Also, making small changes in our diet like cutting out sugary drinks or eating  1 more serving of fruits and veggies daily can have wonderful long-term affects on your overall health – including your dental  health!

Let’s Get in Shape and Eat Healthier Together.

Everyone needs a fitness “Buddy” to help them stay-on-track, give advice and to just generally be a fitness cheerleader. It also doesn’t hurt to have a little extra incentive. So, we want to invite everyone to join in on our Summer Fitness Contest starting July 6th.  

You can enter our Summer Fitness Contest by:

1. Liking our Facebook post about our contest.
2. Sharing one of your favorite fitness tips or healthy recipes in the comments section on that same post.

What about the incentive we mentioned? At the end of 6 weeks there will be a drawing from all our participants for:

  • Grand Prize: A Fitbit Tracker!
  • Runner-ups: Gift Cards

During the course of our contest please keep us updated on how you are doing ( we would love to see some before/after photos!) And we will continue to add fitness tips and updates to our Facebook page to help keep you on track. Our Beaverton dentist team is ready to get started. Are you in?

Here’s to summer and a healthier you!


*CDC –

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  1. Are you going to do this again next year? Because that would be awesome 🙂

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